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Thanks to all the presenters at the 35th ISSC. Please join us again at the 36th ISSC.

Tutorial Author Status
Medical Device Risk Management for Beginners Elahi Confirmed
Developing Electronics for Safety-Critical Applications Hammett Pending
Why You Should Care About the "-ilities" Southwick Confirmed
Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis Ayyildiz Confirmed
Couches, Cars, and Cockpits - Relating Risk to Everyday Life Baird Pending
System Safety and Prognostic Health Management: God Is in Details Bluvband Confirmed
Case Studies of High Profile Mishaps and the Associated Safety Mistakes Chizek Pending
Quantitative Risk Assessment Hewitt Confirmed
Programmable Logic Devices and Field Programmable Gate Arrays Issac Confirmed
Using Safety Assurance Cases for Medical Devices Massana Pending
Hazard Analysis Technology Training Rankin Confirmed
Sneak Circuit Analysis Rankin Confirmed
MIL-STD-882E Software Safety Analysis: Part 1: A  brief review and a new approach to instruction Connell Confirmed
High Performance Teaming Drewien Confirmed
Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Technology Fulks Pending
System Safety Part 2: Practical Generation of Safety Cases With the Help of GSN Gertstinger Confirmed
An Introduction to STAMP and STPA Leveson Confirmed
System Safety Management Class Mitchell Confirmed
MIL-STD-882E Software Safety Analysis: Part 2: Improved Understanding Via Gamification Musgrave Confirmed
Common Cause Failure Analysis Rankin Confirmed
AFOTEC Integration of Systems Safety into the ESOH Management System, and
Cybersecurity Operational Testing in support of Defense Acquisition
Smith Confirmed
System Safety Part 1: Hands-On System Safety Basics Winklebauer Confirmed
Assessing the Safety or Reliability of a System Using Event-Sequence Analysis Yellman Pending
MIL-STD-882E Applies to All Your Software - Even the Code You Don’t Write Bower Pending
System Safety Part 3: Cyber Safety and Security Gertstinger Confirmed
System Safety Analysis Class Hoes Confirmed
Human Factors 101 Cole Confirmed

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